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Chocolate temptation

This dessert is composed of many different elements and they all come together in one amazing bite. It's a play of textures, different chocolates and sweet and salty combinations. I made my own almond praline paste, it's thick and sweet but a little bitter. It has a full-on almond flavor and it goes perfectly with chocolate. It's not hard to make and it can be used in different desserts or just smeared on bread. The paste went in the center of my dark chocolate mousse. The mousse is light and very intense. The chocolate mousse sits on top of a gooey blondie. Blondie is a version of brownie except it uses white chocolate, hence the name. I absolutely adore blondies. They are soft and very rich, the perfect comfort food. For a textural element, I made a simple sesame shards, they are basically made from caramel and sesame seeds. Very easy to make and delicious. To make the dessert a little more grown-up I made a whiskey jelly. I'm not a big whiskey drinker, but t

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